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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2020 1:00am-1:30am CEST

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what is the earth word unique start september 18th on d w. this is d w news live from donald trump on the defensive often media reports suggest he disparage the american war did the us president is disputing reports he called full of american soldiers and marines losers on a visit to france and the controversy is placing support for the military front and center in the presidential campaign also coming up women in bella ruse lead the
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line just challenge to all thora tarion president alexander lukashenko and exiled opposition leader says a point of no return has been cost. greater 20 books a tank center stage at the venice film festival with the pandemic still raging can the world's most famous climate activist help you from moving industry to kick stoppers. i'm sorry duraid it's great to have you with this the race for the white house in november has taken on a new turn following comments allegedly that the us president donald trump made trump who is also a commander in chief of the u.s. armed forces is reported to have disparaged americans killed in battle in europe the atlantic magazine broke the story it said try. perf used to visit an american
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military cemetery in france because it was quote filled with the loses also allegedly referred to marines who lost their lives as quote sock is getting killed . pots of the story have been corroborated by other news outlets including fox news which is usually a strong supporter of the president but donald trump strongly denies he ever made the comments you know it's a fake story. magazine that was probably not going to be around much longer but it was a totally fake story and that was confirmed by many people who were actually there it was a terrible thing that somebody could say that kind of things and especially to me because i work for the military then almost anybody else. but true or not the story has angered many veterans democratic presidential nominee joe biden has jumped on the story today he had this to cite. trump has demonstrated he has no
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sense of service. to any cause other than himself. 5 the honor be the next commander in chief i will ensure that our american heroes know all have their backs honor their sacrifice and those who've been injured will be in military parades ok for more on this let's go to w washington correspondent. abbie good to see you this story has been reported and corroborated by various outlets trump of course denies that he's got a problem because there's a history of him having said just parroting things about military veterans in the past. and that's just it jared these alleged private comments do appear consistent with what we have heard publicly from the president in the past as our
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viewers may remember he made disparaging comments about the late republican senator john mccain and said that he wasn't a war hero because he'd been captured and get nom trump also picked a fight with a gold star family after they spoke at the d.n.c. and 20 sixteen's the cons they've lost their son in combat in iraq and trump of course denies these recent reports saying he hails the troops as heroes but he has gone on the offensive as well he attacked a fox news reporter corroborated the story through her own sources and he's certainly not pleased at the conservative cable news network didn't entirely back him up this time around ok we've also heard from the democratic candidate joe biden we heard from him a bit earlier as trump's political opponent of course he has seized on these alleged comments but this is also a human to isn't it. absolutely jerry this is a deeply personal issue for joe biden his son beau served in iraq so he knows what it's like to hug your child and send them off to war and he's calling these alleged
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comments by the president disgusting and damn a ball now a parent who is directly mentioned in these reports is gen john kelly his son robert was killed in action in afghanistan and according to these reports by the atlantic and 2017 when kelly was working for trump the 2 men visited robert's grave in that moment the president allegedly asked for what's in it for them and while we all may want to hear from general kelley he has not confirmed nor denied these claims but trump attacked him on friday and the way now if these allegations are true it definitely shows a lack of empathy critics have highlighted in the past trump as a transactional figure he doesn't seem to grasp why people act in the ways that they do if it's not beneficial to them and he doesn't seem to understand sentiments like duty and honor. just under 2 months now until the presidential election how it could be used to fix trump's standing among the military voters gera
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let's go back 4 years ago around this time trump had a commanding 20 point lead over hillary clinton amongst military voters a recent poll showed that biden now has a 4 percent lead over the president so the support is already not where it was but again all of this was before the story broke on friday so the question remains will these alleged remarks be the straw that breaks the camel's back will this be the moment some of the staunch supporters say i can no longer back him and out there will surely be fresh polls in the coming weeks chaired what we will surely find out in november our correspondent because often in washington thank you. ok let's go to bill of rights now where thousands of women have marched through the capital minsk and yet another challenge to your thora tarion president alexander lukashenko a popular pressure for his removal is growing despite a crackdown our security forces and the exiled opposition leader says a point of no return has been passed. women marched through minsk demanding
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president alexander lucas shanghai's resignation he's held power for 26 years enough to reach the banner of mass protests swept the country after the elections last month that the opposition said were rigged. some valid reasons hope that the sheer numbers of people on the street in the last weeks will bring change. just. right now it's hard not to be on the street it's very hard to watch the current events sitting at home with you there's a feeling of solidarity we are not alone we are numerous and together we can change something completely for the country. this a curity forces stand back for the moment its safety in numbers. not so for this small group the university students demanding the release of that
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arrested classmate. one of the marxist agents detained even more students. the authorities said this rally was illegal and told a russian news agency look at no more than 30 people were arrested. exiled opposition leaders for plan a chicken off sky has been appealing for international help. i spoke with the un security council where i voiced this problem and called for all concerned nations to pay attention to the crimes committed against the people. bellerose that's right the priest being a part of. and furthermore not a single criminal case has been opened on any of those crimes. it's a very strange situation. meanwhile another prominent opposition member all go over was forced to leave bella ruse she had been in jail for 10 days the
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authorities gave her an ultimatum. the hordes of us as a crowd to me that when i was in jail representatives of the militia and the interior ministry of valerie's came to me and said that if i did not agree to leave the country i would face a long time in jail as the screen door yeah which is of course a dream adore her. she's in poland now a government spokesman said anyone facing political repression and galleries could count on protection from poland more protests are planned for sunday. or at let's have a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world this hour rescue is in the live binny's capital beirut say there is no longer any sign of life in a collapsed building in the port hopes had risen off the senses registered a pulse under rubble from last month's massive explosion emergency services will double check there's no one left alive. hundreds of migrants have been transferred
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onto a ferry to relieve overcrowding on the italian island of lampedusa. in for at least 14 days reception center on the island with space for 200 had been packed with over 1000 migrants. india has exceeded 4000000 coronavirus cases nearly 2000000 new infections were recorded last month alone and india has the 3rd highest caseload wide behind the u.s. and brazil but restrictions have been eased as the government attempts to restart the economy. thousands of israelis are protesting outside prime minister binyamin netanyahu is residence in jerusalem to demand his resignation some protest is a carrying signs that read revolution and projected the words enough with you onto a nearby wall anger over the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis is fueling these demonstrations. well brazil's amazon rainforest
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is burning again just bought a ban on starting fires to clear land for development more than $60000.00 blazes have been detected already this year the amazon basin plays a crucial role in regulating global warming experts are allowed about the scale of the destruction. battling blazes into the night brazil's fire fight has a busy in the pond to non national park it hasn't rained here for a month the ground is dangerously dry and wins a fanning the flames father north in the amazon a strange and it's the worst fire season in over 2 decades although fire clearing is forbidden many landowners continue to burn forests to increase their plots without fear of being caught president jabil sonora has drastically cut tell the environment ministry and criticised green groups over and viral mental nonprofit
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groups receive huge foreign donations but they don't have a chance against may all cake fighting and kill the cancer of green groups. both sonars government has dispatched the military to support the fire fighters water bombing craft have been partially financed by germany and no way. my you see these planes have been in service for 6 years thanks to european funding of course it would be better if we had more money to more efficiently extinguish these fires . as a b.b. and but both sonora has halted the work of the amazonas force blocking funding for desperately needed water bonus. brazil's rain forest fires continue to burn in the thousands creating a blanket of smoke that threatens the health of the amazonas residents. let's stay with the environment granted turned against pretty much the most famous
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climate activists in the world and she's become the face of a global youth movement and now she is she's having her story told at the venice film festival a new documentary looks behind the headlines to give a more complete picture of the teenager from sweden. if you. were. not in the. movie the whole world knows her name you get to tune. the documentary about the climate activist showing out of competition at the venice film festival. i am grettir by nathan grossman follow the young suite for one year . it's. so kind of. orange so that people can identify more with what the climate crisis is understand it's more than. that i guess that is a good thing but it is also struggling to cope with the effects of climate change
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the city suffering from floods almost every year climate experts warn the city will at some point be submerged direct and i can grossman who's visiting venice for the 1st time says a change of direction has long been needed and it's such a beautiful city it's such an heritage and i actually thought to myself when i saw . this this concert 6 structures that it would be such are such a sad thing to see a place like this devastated by a rise in sea level of course to the world that did not come to venice she joined the conversation by video link from high school the film is expected to be released internationally in november this year just briefly and then formula one defending champion lewis hamilton has recorded his 94th pole position after topping qualifying for sunday's italian gone prix and hamilton made history in the process recording the fastest lap ever in formula one the britain will share the front of the grid with teammate fell terry boss as the sadie's dominated the field yet again
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meanwhile it was a dreadful performance by ferrari on their home turf their german driver sebastian vettel trailed in 17th as he's miserable season continues. you what she did use don't forget to download to follow our stories in correspondence on instagram and twitter in detail being used our website is to don't mean dot com i'm jarid very thanks for watching. most girls who could ever know i'm sure that of us are. going. in support of. what's a bit. over. to the real world.
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how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all be. trying to do through the text and the weekly radio show it's called spectrum if you would like and the information on the crown of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you can get your podcast you can also find us at g.w. dot com and slash science. of the. fans. or ball champions league anyone. with this wave. pool or if they are very very very very good on this really really excited because
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we're going to live then for the champions league and 10 of the what's not to be excited about let's go let's go they are not. aright. since the 1st. finally arrived in lisbon we landed it's champions league time i'm so excited does it get any better than this oh my god ok to music stuff what's going on in my. ear that.
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thanks to the coronavirus situation this year champions league looks a little different now in theory it's actually pretty cool because it's an 8 team many tournaments instead of the standard 2 legged home and away tie let's actually go back and look at why they even started doing this home an away game which in theory makes a lot of sense now one the tournament 1st came to be a long long time ago wasn't in terms it was the european cup it was kind of ridiculous to think that people from let's say partisan belgrade were going to go to london to watch a match and the money came from the 304050000 people that were going to be in the stadium so to take away the home team advantage they decided to play 2 legs one home and the other pole so everyone was happy now it kind of is you thinking with all the t.v. money that comes from football are the fans irrelevant to you with. you
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know you took me to the right. i am working actually i'm watching the pre-match press conference this is what footballers come to nowadays. but this is literally happening to kilometers away from us. here but you have to under the microscope. you know. to make this right you know what i'm kind of over this the questions are shit and i was watching the training and the 15 minutes of open training they filmed for us to watch was literally the warm up. this is a little bit hard can you get me to drink. i don't think you. can leave there was supposed to be 16000 fans coming to lisbon for this tournament
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we've been here almost a week and i've literally seen like 4 or 5 you know i let's go to the center and see if we can find any of them. people like nobody here so he's really talking about it there's no fans and champions league is so much more than just the game it's the build up it's the fans before all the fans coming from all over 10 years to fans of the events that have been you know all of that as we stand with america tell you to look for the game not have that absent that makes football special so i'm like having kind of a hard time with.
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hey guys i'm here with my friend telfair he works for a id and he has an accreditation to get into the mat is something that most journalists right now would probably kill you for a man. close your eyes and dream yourself into a world without corona and have a tournament here the same place the same time with the same teams 200000 crazy fans running around in their jerseys buying and against terrorist cheering making big grew up in the city i would love to see that but it's totally different what do you think that it shows because there's a big discussion especially in germany about this football without fans and it's taking away the soul of football and the fact that they're doing this and there's no fans that show that they're not important fans or i don't think so i think they try to rescue the whole thing i think for a lot of clubs this money smaller clubs like me all. they need the money
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from the champions league they need the money from the football they are not making their money by selling tickets to the fans they make their money to buy all the expensive messy players. bye bye bye bye setting t.v. rights and if the t.v. is not is not paying the money then we will not see football on that level again. so despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding this year's champions league which we all know the lack of fans the lack of atmosphere it's still a pretty mouth watering clash because we have 2 teams who have absolutely steamrolled football up until this point now both pierce and bryant would complete the trouble if they won this year's champions league p.s.g. would win their 1st champions league because this is their 1st appearance in the final and byron this is kind of like what they strive for because they win the
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bundesliga every year but they haven't been able to win in europe so it's kind of like ok you guys are good in the bundesliga but you never do anything on a world level so they're a little bit obsessive this is well now both of these teams are undefeated in their last i think like 12 games so we're in for some. ready quality football hold. still cards of there's a little more going on than the last couple days but still kind of looks like a c german regional league a game let's talk to some fans think skinny c skinny skinny skinny i'm hot. i don't. know i've had the good luck and we are stuck it's a 1st time for buddies and demand to meet 2 claims a month and you know and i don't know i wish something very good for what you know what i think is funny is that like the typical journalists who are not life on the ground with the fans interacting and then going to games i usually like just in the stadium like hello i'm reporting here for whatever and whatever it. takes to the
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bone fan. should you go so you give me this week are you turning. my name is don't play and i was worth the fight i'm going to get it all the far notes from. 97 to 7 now you know every final every 4 i know i'm very very good. at. my post for i know that i can see. told the. writer for now this is pretty much as good as it gets all the journalists are lining up to do in their lives have been kind of getting a little bit nervous as you can see people are trying to get a glimpse of anything making. it.
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almost exciting thing we've been all day. finds in a building crammed. into his leaving come home to my. no we're going to i think he's. building the hotel. you guys are from munich right we're from germany. munich fans yeah why did you guys come here if you knew that you couldn't get into the stadium. when peter was leaving because there were like that. support is also possible from outside the stadium so that's why we're here do you mind if we come with you guys to watch the game i know. there was a little. 6 fun. there not the biggest numbers of the day definitely the loud and.
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toss. so it's not the stadium we've kind of cool and at least we'd love to get it but. i. was i. was i.
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was going to be our go to go on t.v. but 7 what it was going to look at 1st you know that you know i've heard of. you but look up her nose. truth numbers. don't be that related here i don't want to go oh so let's not go with bio that you don't. don't know i don't know why don't you all must go join although it's not as big of a word is last year but there's still a party this year 0. 000000000000000 so i think it's one of the best there of my life yet it's a real enjoy it was a oh boy image a friend of yours lives both so as happy as i am that champions league is back we got to watch them exciting games of the one game knockout i hope this never ever
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happens again because if you look around you would never be able to know that byron just won the champions league. anyway because football is about so much more than just those 90 minutes on the pitch it's about the passion that unites people everywhere and makes them travel across the continent just to watch their team even though they can't even go in the stadium and you know what i'm talking about because nothing is ever going to get the substitute the good times you get when you hear you'll never walk alone at anfield or you jump for joy with the yellow on dortmund or you watch your team win the travel in an empty lisbon. to the. 3rd in just. a cheerful mood is always undeniably different brylin during the pandemic summer
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visitors are slowly starting to trickle back up what kind of an experience i am for . my tests for the physics to the german capital. w. . medicine from the marine life microbiologist in syria i want to make it a reality. is searching for new sources of antibiotics in sponges to counter the growing assistance to antibiotics it's among costly road. safety. borrow to do. 30 minutes on d w. i'm not laughing at the germans but if somebody plans but most end up in
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with the evil german think deep into the german culture of. mutants to take this grandma they owe to you because it's all about who they know i'm right so join me for me to get money to. the big welcome to a new special edition of jacket.


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